10 Ways Prayer is Like Riding a Bicycle

1. Anyone can do it.  You don't have to possess any particular qualities to do it.  There is no magic button - we all get the same Holy Ghost.  If He called you, you are equipped to do it.

2. You don't have to understand the mechanics to make it work.  Most people can not produce the equations of how the wheel velocity and the angular momentum work.  Doesn't matter.  You don't have to be a scientist to know how to pray.  Daily I turn on the light switch.  I cannot explain to you in detail what happens, I just know the light comes on.

3. Getting started is the hardest part.
  When kids first learn to ride a bike, adults help by giving them a push.  It is difficult to start from a dead stop. Perhaps if you don't have a consistent prayer life, get a prayer partner to help give you a push.  Having accountability often helps.  Once you get going, try to keep up the momentum.

4. Balance is the key.  You need to have balance in your prayer life.  Spend equal time seeking his hand, his face and his heart.  Hand:  ask for your needs, but don't spend all of your time here.  Prayer is about more than getting what you want or giving God a to-do list.  Face: seek direction.  Where is God looking?  Turn your eyes upon Him.  Heart:  Love what God loves.  Hate what He hates.  Instead of asking God to anoint what we are doing, why not ask him to direct us to do the things He can anoint.


5. It helps to keep the tires full of air.  The air in our tires is like the Spirit in our life.  You can pedal much easier when your tires have air. Ever tried to push a bike with no air in the tires?  Very difficult.  Cars get much better gas mileage when there is proper air pressure.


6. It makes sense to protect your head. Daily, put on the armor of God, specifically the Helmet of Salvation.  Having on a helmet will guard influences into your mind  (conversations, atmosphere, media intake, what you read, Facebook, YouTube, chats, relationships)  Don't surround yourself with  things that provoke certain attitudes in you


7. Some of the best trips are those without destinations in mind.  It is better to joyride than to be sent on an errand.  It is fun to go to the store unless mom makes you to go and get groceries. Prayer should be enjoyed - not a tool to get from here to there. (praying to get a need met or someone healed)  Better just to spend time in His presence than on an errand.


8. There are some hills.  You won't always be able to coast (won't always be easy)  Some days you will have to work hard at it.  Some days you will pray for everyone you know twice and look up and 1 minute and 47 seconds have passed.  Some days you pray and feel nothing.  Doesn't matter.  Keep praying.  You will reach the top of that hill eventually and will enjoy a great (and much easier) ride down the hill.


9. Breaks are as important as the pedals.  Prayer is not measured by how fast you do it.  There are times you need to stop and just listen.  Apply the brakes to your mouth and see what He has to say.  Often we ask God what he wants us to do and never get quiet long enough to hear the answer.  It is dangerous to ride without breaks.  (especially if there is a road or a wall in your path)


10. If you want to ride, you have to get up when you fall.  No one learns to ride without falling off at least once.  If you quit after one fall, you will never enjoy a fulfilling prayer life.
It's about the journey!

Lisa Marshall
Strategic Prayer Coordinator
World Network of Prayer