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On this section, we will be posting writings/essays solicited from our apostolic youth to inspire others. To start with, we will be posting selected materials from InsideOut with due acknowledgement. InsideOut is an official publication of the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International.

It is our objective, to have our talented Filipino young people write and share their stories, testimonies, inspiring articles to bless the church, the youth ministry in particular.

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It’s a typical Saturday in Florida. The beaches are packed, and the amusement parks are crowded. Tourists are on vacation, and Floridians hustle about their day running errands, enjoying the sunshine, and living their lives.

But in a little church in a Florida town, there is a gathering that has gotten the attention of Heaven. A group of young people has gathered from all across the state to fellowship and Bible quiz! Parents have taken time off work, coaches have driven vans loaded with kids, and quizzers have invested their time into learning Scripture. It’s fun, exciting, and it’s competitive.


“One more pair of heels—just in case!” As I scrambled about my room, tossing one skirt after another into my suitcase, my mind frantically raced in a last minute preparation. In less than ten minutes, I would be heading up to the ole’ campgrounds where I would spend yet another week of my summer at church.

But this was not just any week of church camp; it was my last week. Having just graduated from high school and being an upcoming freshman in a local college, this would be my last year to grace the campgrounds as an official camper. I loaded my small amount of luggage (four very large suitcases and a duffle bag) into the trunk and clicked my seatbelt into place. As we drove, I began to think back to exactly what church camp has truly meant to me.